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I can cater to all kinds of events, offering tailored menus, grazing tables, canapes or buffet style that ensures the food will always be perfect for parties, workshops, retreats or gatherings of any kind.  Just get in touch and tell us about your event to get started.

Example menu from 5 day workshop in November 2019
Lunch & a sweet treat using buffet set up. All vegan & gluten free

Day  1

  • Turkish lentil Soup
    Red lentils, leek, garlic, carrot, celery, warrigal greens, fennel, tomato & spices

  • Mujadaras
    Lebanese lentils, rice & caramelised onion

  • Chickpea Salad
    Fennel, pomegranate, parsley, mint, chives with pomegranate & sumac dressing


  • Mixed Leaf Salad
    Capsicum, carrot, romaine lettuce & celery with tahini dressing

  • Salted Caramel & Cacao Slice
    Organic cacao, dates, sea salt, agave syrup, cacao nibs & rose petals

Day  2

  • Miso Soup            Spring onion, tofu, wakame, bean shoots, shiitake mushrooms & sesame oil

  • Japanese Style Potato Salad                Sesame mayo, potato, sweet potato, carrot, spring onion, corn & rocket

  • Yuzu Slaw           Wombok, purple cabbage, bean shoots, carrot & spring onion with a tamari, yuzu & sesame dressing

  • Short Grain Rice

  • Mixed Leaf Salad          

  • Ginger & Cacao Bliss Balls
    Dates, coconut oil, sesame seeds, hazelnuts


Day  3

  • Feijoada
    Smoked Brazilian black bean stew


  • Guacamole
    Avocados mashed up with lime, paprika & salt, red onion & coriander


  • Ancient Grain Salsa
    Quinoa, amaranth, cucumber, tomato, corn & spring onion


  • Roast vegetable Salad
    Sweet potato, red onion, baby king brown mushrooms, sweet peppers & rocket


  • Galinhada
    Brazlian rice with peas, capsicums, spring onions & herb


  • Chocolate strawberries Dark chocolate, cacao butter, sea salt & organic strawberries

Day  4

  • Vegetable Dahl
    Spiced red lentils with eggplant, sweet potato & zucchini.


  • Aloo jeera
    Potatoes fried in coconut oil with curry leaves, cumin & mustard seeds


  • Lemon & Fennel Basmati Rice
    Fluffy rice with peas, curry leaves & fennel seeds


  • Salad Du Jour
    Mixed leaves, red onion & cucumber


  • Peppermint Slice
    Cacao, dates, chocolate, cashew nuts, cacao butter, peppermint oil & coconut cream

Day  5

  • Stuffed Capsciums
    Millet, rice, caramelised onions & herbs


  • Loobia
    Green beans braised in a spiced tomato sauce


  • Strawberry & Broadbean Salad
    Quinoa, shallots, mint & lemon dressing


  • Noodle Salad
    Rice noodles, marinated tofu, coriander, purple cabbage & bean shoots


  • Chocolate Clusters
    Dark Chocolate, puffed rice, corn flakes, popped corn, cacao nibs & cacao butter

Day  6

  • Falafel
    Fava beans, coriander, cumin seeds & spring onion


  • Chermoula Potatoes
    Morrocan marinated roast potatoes


  • Roast Veggie Salad
    Roasted sweet potato cauliflower, black eyed beans & rocket


  • Fattoush salad
    Cucumber, radish, chickpeas, parsley, mint & dill


  • Dolmades
    Rice, dill & onion in vine leaf, served with hummus

  • Museli Slice
    Gluten-free oats, banana chips, dried mullberries, cacao nibs, dates, dried figs, coconut oil, cacao butter, buckwheat flour